Paco, a ver si revisas el sitio de vardad, hablame!!!!

Best Tacos

Best in town!


Over 100 different bottles


Only Humboldt Park


Tallboy, Taco & Shot

Bullhead Cantina

We are a bar that specializes in craft beer, has an amazing list of whiskeys and a very simple but delicious menu that includes tacos like you’ve never tried before. We have specials every day of the week and them some, here is the list of the recommendations for daily specials – Taco, Beer and Whiskey shot

Have to say- Bullhead’s array of taco flavors always puts them at #1 on my list of places to go for delicious tacos in the city.

Ela G. - Chicago IL - on yelp!

Bullhead Specials

Thirsty Tuesdays

$5 Craft cocktails & Burgers
$3 Cinn. Toast or Jameson Shots
$4 Tallboy and Whiskey shot


$4 Draft Beer & Micheladas
$4 Nachos
Trivia 8-10pm

Throw Back Thursday

$2 Retro cans
PBR, Schlitz and Old style…
$3 Chips & Salsa

Layback Friday

$5 Craft Cocktails
$6 All Bull No Sh!t Special
(all the time, everyday)

Football Sunday

$3 Select whiskey – $5 Craft Margaritas & Bloody Marys

The Amazing All the time, Everyday, All Bull No Sh!t $6 Special



Your choice
Nothing completes a day like a nice tallboy after a hard day at work.


Pick one
Unique tacos–like sweet potato, roasted beets, grits and kale and more.

Whiskey Shot

Don't be shy
The best freaking drink in the world. Not to mention the manliest.